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East-West Power Promotes Environment Improvement and Greenhouse Gas Reduction in the ASEAN countries

Signing an agreement with
HANATECH.Co.,Ltd. to improve the environment of waste facilities and respond to climate change


[Reporter Song Byeong-hoon of Energy Daily]

Korea East-West Power (President Park Il-joon) will start to improve the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions of the ASEAN countries.

East-West Power
announced on the 16th that it has signed a "Working agreement to improve the environment of waste facilities and respond to climate change in the ASEAN countries" with HANATECH (CEO Jeong Kyoo
n) at the Inspire Business Center (Yongsan-gu, Seoul).

In th
agreement, the two companies agreed to work together to improve the environment of Myanmar's waste landfill facilities, one of the ASEAN countries, and to reduce greenhouse gases by collecting, incineration and using methane (CH4) gases emitted in landfill to generate electricity.

In addition, East-West Power plans to secure carbon emission rights by conducting feasibility studies and supporting commercialization of greenhouse gas reduction projects, while also contributing to job creation by supporting small and medium-sized companies to advance into overseas markets. H
plans to expand its business to overseas projects related to greenhouse gas reduction by utilizing capture, incineration and gas power generation technologies that process bio gas.

East-West Power expects the project to improve the living environment of residents near waste facilities in ASEAN countries, prevent human accidents and respiratory diseases caused by fire at waste landfill facilities, which will also contribute to improving the residential conditions of residents. It is also expected to contribute to the government's New Southern Policy while also helping the country achieve its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

An official from East-West Power said, "We will continue to explore overseas greenhouse gas reduction projects along with efforts to develop eco-friendly development in Korea, and contribute to overseas advancement and job creation through cooperation between small and medium-sized companies."

Meanwhile, East-West Power has been supporting 78 small and medium-sized enterprises in the region since 2018 to reduce their greenhouse gases by 60,000 tons over a decade. It is also seeking to cut about 700,000 tons of greenhouse gases through a 12.5 billion won project to supply high-efficiency Cookstoves to 500,000 households in Ghana, Africa, by 2024.

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